4. NITTA (TOYO) HEILEX SERIES(Fillers for gas and liquid contact )

(Fillers for gas and liquid contact )

■ NITTA (TOYO) Heilex has excellent properties in various processes such as:

  • Gas absorption
  • Distillation
  • Deodorization
  • Diffusion
  • Liquid-liquid extraction
  • Mixing
  • Dust elimination
  • Heat exchange
  • Mist elimination

Uses of NITTA (TOYO) Heilex classified by fields

Chemical industries
Reaction towers, absorption towers, cooling towers, diffusion towers, distillation towers

Fertilizer industries
Decarbonation towers, exclusion towers for SiF4, HF, ammonia gas

Soda industries
Chlorine drying towers, chlorine exclusion towers, chlorine cooling towers

Steel industries
Acid washing exhaust gas exclusion towers, hydrogen chloride recovery towers, COG washing towers

Metal surface treating industries
Gas and mist washing towers such as those for HCI, H2SO4 and chromic acid

Non-iron metal industries
Exhaust gas treatment apparatuses for various furnace exhaust gas

Fiber industries
Exhaust gas treatment apparatuses for the rayon fiber spinning process

Electronic industries
Exhaust gas treatment apparatuses for semiconductors, liquid crystal production and other processes

Sewer water and human waste treatment place
Deodorization towers

Incineration plant for filth and sewage
Temperature decreasing desulfurization towers and deodorization towers

Exhaust gas treatment apparatuses for the desulfurization and denitration of exhaust fumes, and various production processes.

Large effective area

Through a unique form having both a tube type and a saddle type, there is no face contact or entanglement and filling occurs with point contact with each other.
The design of a highly effective filling tower made possible due to the large contact area of air and liquid.

Large wind treatment volume

A very high air tower speed with a high flooding point can be obtained.
Treatment of a large wind volume can be achieved with a small tower diameter.

Design for energy saving

Very low pressure loss due to a large void.
Small dynamic power for an air blower, and design for energy saving is possible.

Little clogging

A self-cleaning effect is achieved through the unique form.
Does not easily become clogged, and maintenance is easy.

Light weight and strong

Light weight as it is made of resin, giving it excellent chemical and mechanical characteristics.
The product achieves a compact design excellent in corrosion resistance.

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