Be careful of “SUN” Imitations !

Regretfully, we have recently found some imitation products of our “SUN” Brand Automotive Belts in several countries, and they have been causing some critical engine problems to our consumers’ vehicles.

Such imitations look similar to the original at a glance, but their belt performance is extremely inferior in very important characteristics such as material, tooth profiles, and belt thickness. Our genuine “SUN” brand products have been manufactured for over 40 years under strict quality control in Japan.

We strongly warn any manufacturers / importers / distributors who deal with imitations of our “SUN” brand products, calling on them to stop manufacturing and / or selling these imitations. We also ask all customers to pay careful attention when purchasing automotive belts. If you have any doubts, please immediately contact us or our official distributors / agents locally to clarify whether the purchased belt is original “SUN” or an imitation.

If you have any queries about our “SUN” products, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or CONTACT page. However, we will assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damages or losses caused by the use of imitations.

Ushio Industries, Ltd.


Although our brand logo “SUN” is printed on these products, there is no part# like them in our “SUN” product line. We strongly recommend that you do not use these imitations of inferior quality.

Comparative test with authentic “SUN” timing belts

Inspection item Result
Strength Extremely inferior
Thickness Extremely thicker / Uneven
Width & length 10% shorter ~ +10% longer than ideal value
Precision of tooth shape Very bad / Poor meshing with pulleys
Exterior (rubber part) Ununiform
Material Low-grade rubbber / Low-grade code

  1. There is insufficient strength in several important parts.
  2. They failed in accuracy of finishing. The belts are lacking in softness.
  3. There are deviations on the belt dimensions due to their poor finishing.
  4. There is a huge variation in several data.
  5. From the above results, it is most likely that the fake belts or other surrounding parts (pulleys or tensioners) would fracture at an early stage due to high-load by the defects. Also, abnormal noises would occur.

    Imitations would bring grave consequences

    • A broken timing belt could cause breakdown of engine.
    • Imitations could spoil your precious car.
    • Fake drive belts could hurt your company’s reputation.
    • If you find imitations or have any doubts, please immediately contact us or our official distributors / agents locally.